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October 26, 2021
Lindsey – Cancer Warrior
by admin
Lindsey – Cancer Warrior

Today we’re sharing Lindsey’s story and health journey post chemo:

“So here is a before and after – photo on the left is a week after my last chemo treatment and the photo on the right is from last week. What I started thinking about is what cancer does to a patient’s mindset – cancer takes so much from a patient but there is so much more that people don’t see that cancer takes from us.

Once I was done with treatment, I looked at the girl in the mirror and I didn’t recognize her, I was puffy from steroids, no eyebrows, no strength, just did not feel like me. Cancer took the “me,” physical and mental, that I was so used to seeing. That is when I knew I had to take my health seriously & leaned into my workouts and started to learn more about the right fuel. I had to rebuild myself physically and mentally- it was a long road- but worth it every day!

I got the ME back – finally! I think the smile says it all!”