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October 26, 2021
Lindsey – Breast Cancer Warrior + Survivor
by admin
Lindsey – Breast Cancer Warrior + Survivor

Meet Lindsey, a breast cancer warrior and survivor who was diagnosed in 2020. Be encouraged by her story and let it be a reminder to get screened:

“It was the day after my son’s fourth birthday when I felt the lump in my left breast. The sensation was similar to what a clogged milk duct feels like, and I knew I needed to call my OB GYN. Less than two months prior, I lost a precious baby at 12 weeks pregnant. That experience crushed me and my clogged milk duct was yet another reminder of the baby I would never get to hold and nurse.

My OB insisted that I get a mammogram and an ultrasound, which I was able to schedule for just a few days later. I went alone to this appointment, never for a second thinking I would need support. I remember the radiologist’s face after she was done with the ultrasound. She stood up and slowly walked to the door to turn the lights back on. That’s when I knew that she found something, and it wasn’t good. All I remembered was hearing the words “cancer” and “biopsy”, which I had done two days later.

On February 10th, 2020, it was confirmed, I had invasive ductal carcinoma: breast cancer. I was only 34 years old. A wife and mom to two beautiful young boys. I met with many doctors and had lots of testing and two surgeries. I got another punch to the gut when I learned I would, in fact, need chemotherapy and radiation. I felt the fatigue first. Shortly thereafter came the emotional loss of my breasts, my hair, my eyelashes and brows, and my youthful stamina. It all slipped away in my fight, and I had to endure all of it during a global pandemic while raising a four year old and a two year old.

I think many people would understand if I said I hated cancer – hated what it did to me and what it took from me. But, instead of dwelling, I gave it all to God. I asked Jesus to take care of it, like he did my sins, so God could use me and my experience for good.

Because of cancer, many of my friends have gotten checked out and screened when they would have otherwise brushed it off.

Because of cancer, my products and my food are now clean and organic.

Because of cancer, I am now sober in a culture that is filled with alcohol for every occasion.

Because of cancer, I have deeper relationships, including new, beautiful, life long friendships with others who are a part of the same breast cancer club.

Because of cancer, I live life in moments of JOY. Worrying adds nothing to my life.

Because of cancer, I live to glorify God.

So, am I angry I got cancer? No. In fact, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for what it’s taught me and the new life I’ve been given on the other side of the fight. I have God and my precious Angel baby to thank for that and so much more.”