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October 26, 2021
George – Colon Cancer Warrior
by admin
George – Colon Cancer Warrior

This cancer will not define me, and it will not beat me,” says Cancer Warrior George Mercado, who had been in remission from colon cancer since 2015 and was recently re-diagnosed. Read how he is staying positive and working to stay healthy through this journey:

“I am currently undergoing treatment for colon cancer. I had been in remission since 2015. I made sure I did everything right. I lost weight. I exercised. I kept my insulin levels down. I did all that I could, but it came back. I was diagnosed on 01/08/20 and had my first chemo infusion on 01/24/20. While I see my oncologist every 6 months, the cancer sprouted like a weed. A strong one. Over that 6-month period, I had undergone a LARGE amount of stress, so when I took 6-month test, my cortisol was through the roof, my insulin was extremely high, and to be honest, my diet was not on point. THE PERFECT STORM. Still, this cancer will not define me, and it will not beat me.”