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Band Against Cancer connects people facing cancer with the help they need close to home. We have one goal – to empower communities to fight cancer together.

Together, we have the power to impact lives. The more voices in the band, the louder we can be heard in the fight against cancer.

Band Against Cancer brings together two of the most influential industries of music and healthcare to connect people fighting cancer with treatment options, support and resources close to where they live – so they can fight cancer where they get their greatest strength, with the support of friends and family nearby. Our artist ambassadors bring this mission to life by using their voice to unite communities around the cause.

Through Band Against Cancer, you can access resources to support you through every step of the cancer journey. If you or a loved one has questions about cancer or where to access care, you can contact askSARAH – a helpline designed to answer your cancer-related questions. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with cancer or have questions about treatment options, a registered askSARAH nurse can help.

Join our community of cancer advocates, supporters, patients and music fans who are committed to taking action in the fight against cancer TODAY. When we band against cancer, cancer doesn’t stand a chance.